Tempering Tubes by Maszyna
Many advantages through the construction and the characteristics of the product.

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Temperature control technology by Maszyna

Maszyna tempering tubes stand out with their special properties of most products on the market. In-house developments and careful improvements over the years have ensured that Maszyna's temperature control technology is used successfully in various industries worldwide. The low weight and the small outer diameter also include the feature of small bending radius, which brings extreme flexibility with it. In addition, Maszyna tempering hoses are silicone-free and paint-compatible.

Functioning tempering hose (thermal hose)

For temperature control of fluids between two system components, we offer special temperature control hoses that allow a temperature control of -10 ° C to 85 ° C through double-wall technology ("hose-in-hose") or "hose-around-hose" technology. Hose lengths up to 15 m are possible (please inquire).

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Double-wall technology

In the case of a burst hose, the "hose-by-hose" technique allows the media to drain separately. This will not damage the temperature control unit.

Smooth interior walls

Our hoses have smooth inner walls that significantly improve the flow behavior and heat transfer. As a result, the cooling time, as well as the warm-up time noticeably reduced, so that large time savings are possible.

Constant viscosity

Maszyna tempering tubes are evenly cooled or heated with water in a temperature range of -10 ° C to 85 ° C. The viscosity of the fluid thus remains constant. This feature is particularly important in robot-controlled application systems or when used in energy chains (cable drag).

Measuring block

The measuring block fulfills several tasks simultaneously. On the one hand, it fulfills the task of an external water bridge. This allows coolant to flow freely in the circulation. On the other hand, it is possible to equip the measuring block with sensors, such as. Pressure sensor.

Advantageslow weight

  • small outer diameter
  • small bending radius
  • extremely flexible
  • durable
  • silicone-free and paint-compatible

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Temperierschlauch, MASZYNA GmbH
Temperierschlauch, MASZYNA GmbH
Temperierschlauch, MASZYNA GmbH
Temperierschlauch, MASZYNA GmbH
Temperierschlauch, MASZYNA GmbH