Tempering Equipment by Maszyna
Powerful small appliances

Temper Equipment FlyerPowerful small appliances from the TG2001 series

TG2001 series features

  • Cooling and heating possible (ideal for nominal temperatures from 5 ° C to 45 ° C)
  • Internal water cycle (no water consumption)
  • Leak stop device - can be used as a pressure or suction device.
  • If there are leaks in the tool, no more water escapes and you can continue working without any problems.
  • Self-optimizing temperature controller with digital display of set and actual temperature.
  • Automatic water filling (out of operation with oil operation)
  • Calcification-free heat exchanger
  • Corrosion-resistant device with long life.
  • All parts in contact with water are made of stainless steel or bronze.

Safety Devices

  • Automatic level control, dry run protection
  • Separate, mechanical safety thermostat
  • Temperature limiter installed in the controller
  • Motor protection switch, control transformer, thermal insulation
  • Horn as fault indicator
  • Rolls

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