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Company history from 1963 to today

  • The Beginning 1963
    This year Josef Maszyna GmbH, based in Cologne-Porz, is founded by Josef Maszyna.
  • 1. Move 1993
    The company is growing and moving into new premises in Troisdorf-Spich.
  • Takeover of the company 1998
    The Josef Maszyna GmbH is taken over by Evelin and Manfred Lehmann.
  • Reestablishment 2006
    New foundation of MASZYNA GmbH with sons Andreas and Oliver Lehmann as managing partners.
  • Restructuring 2008
    Transfer of the shares from Andreas to Oliver Lehmann. Since 01.04.2008 Oliver Lehmann is the sole managing partner of MASZYNA GmbH, based in Troisdorf-Spich.
  • Acquisition Tool Grinding Company 2015

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